Steel Building Insulation supplied the insulation, facing materials and accessories for these (2) identical steel buildings in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. Both single-slope buildings are 14’x51’x13′ in size. The project includes insulation for a total of 2,653 square feet of space, 1,884 square feet of which is in the building’s walls.

Steel Building Insulation supplied the insulation and facing materials for this (2) building project in Midale, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The job involved insulating (2) metal arch/Quonset hut-style buildings that are particularly popular in the region due to the extreme frigid temperatures and ample snowfall.

Steel Building Insulation supplied insulation, facing material and several accessories for this job in Langdon, Alberta, Canada. In total, 39,537 square feet of space are now insulated, creating a highly energy efficient, quiet and comfortable interior space.