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Insulating Your Metal Building Is All About The Payback!

Insulating your metal building isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet.

Installing fiberglass insulation can pay for itself in just a few years through reduced energy bills. Not only that, but proper insulation can also improve the comfort and safety of your building by controlling humidity, condensation, and lighting efficiency. Insulation is a great option if you’re looking for a way to save money and improve your metal building.

We supply all types of insulation from single-layer metal building insulation, double-layer metal building insulation, insulated foam panels, energy saving insulation, and thermal block insulation. We advocate for maximizing the thermal performance of your building whether you need to insulate your new metal building or retrofit an existing metal building we are here to meet your insulation needs.

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Money spent upfront in insulation costs will be rewarded through reduced energy bills, smaller mechanical systems and enhanced comfort levels for the occupants.

Retro Fit Metal Building Insulation

retrofit steel building insulation

Retro-fit your existing metal building. Steel buildings that are not properly insulated or buildings that have old or torn insulation can contribute to condensation problems and thermal energy loss. Retrofitting insulation between purlins or wall girts not only saves on energy bills but also addresses any existing condensation issues.

Single Layer Metal Building Insulation

Introducing our single-layer metal building insulation, a common practice in metal building construction where fiberglass insulation blankets are strategically placed between interior framing and exterior metal panels, creating an essential thermal barrier.

Double Layer Metal Building Insulation

Optimize your building with double-layer metal building insulation. Steel bands, installed beneath and perpendicular to roof purlins, support a pre-cut insulation layer with polypropylene facing. Serving as a vapor retarder, it provides a bright, reflective interior finish.

Energy Saving Metal Building Insulation

Energy-saving metal building insulation boasts industry-leading thermal performance, featuring steel bands, dual layers of unfaced insulation, and a resilient energy-saving fabric. The fabric, OSHA-compliant for fall protection, conceals structural steel with excellent thermal isolation and a top-tier vapor retarder rating.

Foam Insulated Panels

Insulated foam panels with up to R-48 values efficiently cut energy usage and ensure lasting airtightness. Choose from various finishes for both roof and wall to enhance the aesthetics of your building. Soundproofing and fire-retardant options are also available for added functionality.

Thermal Blocks

Sealed N Safe Thermal Block metal building insulation can save metal building owners thousands in energy and maintenance costs. Placed between metal roof sheets and purlins (or wall girts and wall sheeting), “The Performer” thermal block, with a minimum R-6 rating, doubles insulation performance in certain buildings.

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“Working with Steel Building Insulation was great. I had no idea what to order for my new steel building so I needed much more than just a quote. They were always friendly and ready to help whenever I called with questions. After getting all my questions and concerns answered and addressed, I was 100% comfortable with making my purchase and knowing I was getting what I needed. The delivery had to be postponed several times due to delays on my end and they were always accommodating in placing my delivery date on hold until I was ready. Once delivery date was confirmed and ready to go, it arrived on time as expected with constant updates from the driver in route. I would definitely go back for more business and have since referred a friend to them as well. Great Job!”

“These guys are great. I looked all over for insulation and when I found them they made ordering very easy. Told them my building size and the thickness of the insulation I wanted and it arrived quickly and cut to size with the bags labeled. I will definitely use them on my next project. Thank you SBI for your great product and help.”

“My building was built a long time ago with zero insulation in the walls. I put your insulation from ceiling to floor, which is 14′ and taped it all together. Last year the natural gas bill was over $1,200 a month. The first full billing cycle was 13 therms, last year it was 25 therms. Right at 50% savings!!! Incredible!!!
Why didn’t I insulate before now? DON’T HESITATE!! INSULATE!!!” Thanks again

“I wanted to thank you for all your great help that you gave me in obtaining insulation for my building. Not only were you helpful in the selection of the right product for my need but you were very supportive in insuring that the order shipped on time. Finding that kind of customer service is hard to find these days. I look forward to doing business with you when I am ready to insulate my walls. Thanks for the great job,”

“I just wanted to thank you for getting my order exactly right and answering my many questions in a friendly fashion. Thanks again for your help,”

“We completed one half of the 7564 sq ft project in 18 hours using 3 men. I appreciate you working with us on this project and will be glad to recommend your company and your product at any time. Sincerely,”

“Your company not only turned around a price almost immediately, you followed through with the order as if it were the most important order that you were working on! Not only was the price great so was the customer service! We will always contact your company in the future for our insulation needs. Sincerely Impressed,”

“Your company was of great help in determining the proper sizes of batts, cutting the material to size, and delivering it in a timely fashion. Last year our monthly heating bill was about $600. This year the bill is about $300 and we expect to recover all of our investment in less than three years. We expect to add insulation to the walls in the coming year, and we certainly expect to use your company to help us in the process.”

“I installed your insulation in my building several months ago and I love it! The pieces were cut as specified and fit very well. The job took longer than I thought, but I was able to do it myself.”

This company is always our go-to for ordering metal building insulation! They’re very easy to work with, offer competitive pricing, and the employees always respond quickly. We’ve never had any issues when ordering with them and they will continue to be our #1 pick for our insulating needs.

Let me start out with…. Thank you for this amazing product. We were nice and warm this past winter. We build batting cages and our athletes stayed warm, and even with the weather warming up. The building stays cool as well. Thank you for working with me and going over the difference between the different thickness. Excellent company and amazing g services. Highly recommended product.

We have purchased insulation for two major projects and both times we were very satisficed with the support, advise and the materials we received. Dillion my contact was outstanding to work with and very responsive. I would highly recommend Steel Building Insulation.
Ronnie @ Gowans Knight

I erected my first steel building for a client and after much research and price comparisons, I arrived at the conclusion that Steel Building Insulation had the best value for my client. SBI helped with the material take-off and supplied a detailed installation drawing, job specific. When the order arrived at the jobsite everything was labeled and color coded. I insulated the ceiling and walls and every piece fit as designed. Looks great and my client is pleased!

Purchased R-19 faced insulation to replace worn out insulation in my steel warehouse. Everything came in on time and worked perfectly. I would highly recommend Steel building insulation for your next project

I found that Steel Building Insulation had the best price on the insulation for my pole barn. I will go back in the future.

I definitely recommend these guys for insulation. I received great customer service and the products were great too!

Very professional. Helpful when ordering. Fast shipping. Product arrived intact and as described

Excellent company to deal with. Sales staff is knowledgeable and the products are high quality, exactly as I expected.

Great knowledgeable employees! My building has an insulation package that has saved me hundreds already!!!! With our new building purchase!