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Our company supplied 52,381 square feet of steel building insulation in Muskegon, Michigan in February of 2011.

Supplied for installation in a new, 155’x200’x15′ metal building, the insulation package contains both roof and wall insulation, creating a highly energy-efficient environment.

Our company provided 12,900 square feet of steel building insulation for an existing steel building in Bangor, Maine. Supplied for this retrofit job were (32) custom-cut rolls of 59″x82′ fiberglass insulation blankets, with the R-19 insulation now filling the metal building’s roof.

Our company supplied 11,725 square feet of steel building insulation for this metal building in Louisville, Kentucky. We also supplied a variety of accessories for use in this insulation project.

Our company supplied 12,800 square feet of insulation for this commercial retrofit project in Wendell, Idaho. The metal municipal building, which holds firetrucks when not in use, stands 105’x80’x15′ in size and now has roof and wall insulation, making it far more comfortable and energy efficient.

Our company supplied 62,000 square feet of steel building insulation in Merced, California. We supplied the insulation and accessories needed to insulate (3) steel buildings. The project involved adding 9,200 square feet of new insulation to (1) building and retrofitting (2) existing buildings with 52,800 square feet of 6″ R-30 roof insulation.

Steel Building Insulation supplied insulation, facing material and several accessories for this job in Langdon, Alberta, Canada. In total, 39,537 square feet of space are now insulated, creating a highly energy efficient, quiet and comfortable interior space.

Steel Building Insulation provided the insulation and accessories necessary for a building in Springville, Utah.

This job was a retrofit project for an existing metal building owned by Springville’s own Edge Technology.

Steel Building Insulation supplied for a total of 9,212 square feet of insulation, the facing materials and accessories for this job in Marysville, Ohio. Quantum Technologies & Services, a Marysville-based company ordered the supplies for their industrial steel building facility.

Steel Building Insulation supplied the insulation blankets, facing materials and accessories for a project in Ashtabula, Ohio. The job involves insulating 27,750 square feet of space in a new building for Aloterra Energy, a Texas-based agricultural company with a new facility in Ohio.

Steel Building Insulation supplied the insulation, facing and accessories for this project in Dayton, New Jersey. The job involved providing the insulation and related materials for a new-construction metal warehouse building based on architectural specifications.