Energy Saver Insulation System

Energy Saving Insulation

Energy Saver Insulation

This innovative system has one of the highest thermal performance results in the industry. It consists of a network of steel bands, 2 layers of unfaced insulation between and over top of the framing, and a seamless energy saver fabric that covers the insulation. The energy saver fabric resists tears and conceals the secondary structural steel providing a smooth, bright, durable finished surface. This system offers excellent thermal isolation with one of the best vapor retarder ratings available. Best of all, the fabric installed with a network of steel bands together as a “system” is tested and approved to be OSHA compliant for fall protection. This method is a new construction method that works for both roof and walls.

In roof applications, a woven network of steel bands are installed with the fabric on the underside of the purlins, concealing them. A first layer of unfaced insulation is rolled in between the purlins running the length of building. A second layer of unfaced fiberglass is installed perpendicular over the top of the purlins from peak to eave. Roof panels are then installed over the top.

In wall applications, a single layer of unfaced insulation is secured in between wall girts with the use of InsulHold Coils filling the entire cavity. Thermal break tape is then installed on the exterior of the girt framing, creating a thermal break and helping to prevent thermal loss between the exterior metal panels and interior framing before the exterior wall panels are installed. The durable energy saving vapor retarder is then installed in the interior of the building, over the top of the framing, concealing it and providing a clean, bright white and durable finish. Steel bands are installed to provide additional support to the fiberglass batts and the fabric.

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