Thermal Blocks

Use of the Sealed N Safe Thermal Block can easily save a metal building owner thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in energy and building maintenance & costs. A Thermal Spacer Block is placed between the metal roof sheet and the roof purlin (or between the wall girt and wall sheeting) and isolates the outer shell from the inner steel frame of the metal building. The thermal block called "The Performer" has an R-6 minimum rating and is proven to increase insulation performance as much as 2 times in certain buildings. The system is proven to be structurally sound and water tight. The easy and fast installation makes for a great option in an energy efficient building.

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Heating & Cooling Energy Cost Comparisons

Insulation Energy Costs Savings
Energy Cost Savings
Insulation Energy Savings
Thermal Block Energy Savings

The values given herein are based on actual "Hot Box Test" results of the specific SNS product applications shown. The addition of windows, doors, exhaust systems of other un-insulated areas, ect. will effect actual performance, Your actual results may vary.