Single Layer Insulation Systems

Single Layer Insulation
Single Layer Insulation

A very common application in metal building construction is to insulate the roof and walls with a single layer of insulation. Sandwiching fiberglass insulation blankets in between the interior framing and exterior metal panels will create a thermal barrier. Placing a single layer of insulation between the roof purlins or wall girts, and exterior metal panels, has been by far the most typical practice throughout the history of new metal building construction.

Our fiberglass insulation blankets are pre-cut specifically to fit the building's design, this helps to minimize field splicing. A polypropylene fabric is then laminated to the fiberglass roll, which provides a clean, bright white finish and also acts as a vapor retarder, helping to protect the insulation and building from moisture. The faced fiberglass rolls are rolled out over the top of the purlins or girts before the metal exterior panels are installed. This compresses the fiberglass at each purlin location and allows the insulation to fluff out into the open cavities. This helps create a barrier between the sheeting and the interior framing to aid in eliminating heat and cold transfer, which can lead to sweating or condensation in the building.

Typically, single layer systems are used for garages, carports, hangars and mini storage buildings. If you are going to have people working or living in the building a higher r-value is recommended.

Single Layer R-Value Options

The single layer system allows for insulation blankets up to 6 inches in thickness (which equates to an R- Value of R-19) to be installed. Insulation batts thicker than 6” will cause the metal panels to oil can or wave once compressed. If a higher R-Vale is desired in your building, a Double Layer System is required to avoid this.

Insulation Thickness



To achieve a higher R-Value than R-19 a Double Layer System is required.

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